THE Rise of A Hero

The Rise Of A Hero

Sound Heroes Origin

We had this dream of changing the way home entertainment will look forever. The concept of Sound Heroes came about in 2017 when we started working on the first iterations of design. We knew we wanted to have Humanoid shape so we can better resonate with it as human beings. We started writing his origin story and in


the same time trying to put on paper the vision we had in our mind for its design. The first design sketches were rough and the polygonal edges were mostly random.

A hero was born

We wanted our character to stand for something so we made him a hero in his own world. His home world which we name it Ken’Wa was a rough environment as well as the shape of our hero. He was born from a magic crystal that gave him abilities that he will later use to defend his home. Writing the story behind the character was bringing us closer to the final version of design as well.


To make sure the design we had was the best we had to make many variations and sometime go far from the initial plan only to realize hundreds of iterations later that we already had the best possible design. It's easier to realize what we don't like than what we do. We perfected the initial design sketches and we had our Hero. The STAR on his face is inspired from the North Star guiding travelers home for centuries.

Comic Book

The comic book was set to visualize the universe of our Hero and his adventures. In the first pages we describe his origin story and where his character and power came about. We continue with the plot and with the villain of the story. A hero is as good as its villain. The negative character in the story will materialize in a product in the near future. We will keep adding pages to the story as time goes by.

The fight

We present you a small teaser of the fight between the 2 characters. Our hero AD'OM and the villain who wants to destroy planet Ken'Wa. The name of the villain is Kh'ay and you will find our more about his origin story in the next pages of the Sound Heroes comic book

We hope everyone will be immersed in our universe and enjoy our products which are unique and combine our love For Music, Art and Technology.