AD'OM Premium

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with your Sound Hero AD’OM Prime, simply send it back and we will return your money no questions asked. Simple!

A Perfect Match For Your AD'OM 


Unboxing This Speaker Is Insane


This Speaker Is On Another Level 


The AD'OM Prime crisp design and impeccable sound quality is guaranteed to give your friends an exhilarating music experience.

Its futuristic look enhances any home or office setting, whether you are an avid gamer, a blue-collar professional or a tech junkie of any kind. 


What Customers Feel


~ Mystic Black delivery within 5 business days ~

~ Stylish Silver delivery within 15 - 20 business days ~

~ Mystic Blue delivery within 15 - 20 business days ~


AD'OM is triumph of audio and visual experience, bringing unparalleled style and function, guaranteed to be the stunning standout centerpiece in any home.

Sharp edge’s and a hand polished polygonal design, AD OM is a visual masterpiece and a truly powerful way to make a statement like no other.

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